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Current situation

In recent months our business has been challenged by the dreaded Coronavirus.


We have been, quite literally, overwhelmed by the volume of orders we have received which are at their highest for 10 years.


Our manufacturing is therefore at full capacity and we also have a supply chain that is stretched due to both the volume of orders and the current situation, so naturally this has extended our delivery times.


In order to be realistic we have to extend our lead time.

Halls Greenhouses and accessories – up to 15 WEEKS

Juliana Greenhouses – up to 15 WEEKS

Eden Greenhouses  - up to 15 WEEKS

Replacements and Spares will be on a lead-time of up to 3 weeks. Replacements will be prioritised. This applies to new and existing orders.
The situation will be under constant review.

Thank you for your understanding.


The right choice!

Greenhouses that fit your needs

Whether you relax by planting seeds in pots or sitting in a chair with your feet up, a greenhouse is an ideal setting.

Let the greenhouse be your private gardening playground where you can discover the exact tomato variety that will add a perfect touch to your summer salad. Or create your own oasis where you can chill out.

Let your thoughts fly and melt away.