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Whether you relax by planting seeds in pots or sitting in a chair with your feet up, a greenhouse is an ideal setting.

Let the greenhouse be your private gardening playground where you can discover the exact tomato variety that will add a perfect touch to your summer salad. Or create your own oasis where you can chill out.

Let your thoughts fly and melt away.

What is a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a structure made of glass or transparent plastic framed by a wooden, alu, plastic or polycarbonate skeleton.
A greenhouse is used to provide a controlled environment for plants and it functions by trapping heat from the sun inside, which makes the greenhouse warmer than the outside air.

The extra warmth helps plants to grow better and faster than they would in a garden that is exposed to the outdoors.
The main purposes of greenhouse are to protect plants from cold weather, to extend the growing season, or to grow plants that would not otherwise survive in the local climate.
Greenhouses can be small enough to fit on a windowsill or large enough to cover an entire field. The most popular type of greenhouse is the walk-in greenhouse that fits into most gardens.

Why buy from greenhouses.com?

Greenhouses.com is the leading British online greenhouse retailer. We have a huge range of quality glass and polycarbonate greenhouses to choose from, with frames of aluminium and wood all at excellent prices. Browse our extensive collection of greenhouse accessories online or if you prefer you can place your order by phone on 01242 662926. Our online selection covers cold frames and mini greenhouse models, right up to large free-standing greenhouses and lean to models. Choose from horticultural glass or toughened glazing options or twin walled polycarbonate. Many greenhouses are available with a powder coated aluminium frame in green or black, so they blend in with your garden. Delivery is direct from our warehouse near Cheltenham and most greenhouse models are in stock.

A greenhouse will quickly become your favourite place in the garden, a space for your plants and relaxation whatever the season. Every garden should have a greenhouse and you will find your perfect one in our online selection. If you are unsure about which greenhouse to choose, you can read our greenhouse buyers guide online or give us a call and one of our experts will guide you through the process. You can also request a free catalogue using the link at the top of the page.

Greenhouse gardening is an enjoyable past time and is the perfect solution to growing hard to find vegetables and herbs, your tomato plants and chillies will thrive. You will reduce your food miles and know exactly what has gone into your veggies. It is important to ensure you buy the right size and style of greenhouse, so you have enough space in your garden. This is why we offer such a large selection. Our range is available to view and purchase online through our secure website or over the telephone.

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