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Juliana Greenhouses turns 60

60th Anniversary

Juliana Drivhuse A/S can celebrate its 60th anniversary this year!

The company had its infancy back in 1963, when Mogens A. Stærmose founded the company that today bears the name Juliana Drivhuse A/S.
The company took its first steps in Mogens' basement at his private address in Odense. In the basement, the well-known umbrella drying racks were developed and manufactured. Later, sometime in the 1970s, the company began manufacturing greenhouses.

Bo Stærmose, Mogens Stærmose's son, took over the company in 1983. This was the first of two generational changes that the company has gone through to this day. Bo Stærmose made sure to expand into new nearby markets. He got the export of greenhouses to the rest of Scandinavia and Germany.

Nikolaj Stærmose, Bo Stærmose's son and Mogens Stærmose's grandson, has been the daily manager and owner of Juliana Drivhuse A/S since 2015. The second generational change was underway since 2009, and Nikolaj Stærmose - who had otherwise studied a Master of Science. in history - still ended up following in the family footsteps.
Nikolaj Stærmose has driven the business in a newer and more digital direction, still focusing on maintaining the greenhouse centres in both Denmark, England and Germany.

Back in around 2000, Bo Stærmose wanted to expand the business further. Therefore, he acquired the mailbox manufacturer Allux in 2001.
In 2009 Juliana Drivhuse A/S acquired Halls - the world's oldest greenhouse manufacturer from England. The following year, Juliana Drivhuse A/S went a step further and acquired another English greenhouse manufacturer, Gabriel Ash, which manufactures exclusive greenhouses in Canadian cedar.

The production of Juliana greenhouses has been kept in Odense from the start of the company until today. Juliana Drivhuse A/S is therefore proud that all Juliana greenhouses have always been - and still are - manufactured at the factory in Odense. Therefore, you can be sure that Juliana Drivhuse A/S with 60 years of experience still delivers the best greenhouses in a good and solid Danish quality.

Juliana Jubii 60 LE

The brand new and unique jubilee greenhouse - Which will only be produced in limited numbers!
The greenhouse profiles are painted black, there are functional double doors in the long side and the greenhouse has no less than 6 roof windows!
The greenhouse is a whopping 15 m2 and with its high sides it provides a fantastic outdoor space.

If you're thinking you've seen the greenhouse model before, you're not entirely wrong. It's inspired by the best-selling Juliana Premium greenhouse.

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