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60ᵗʰ Anniversary

60ᵗʰ anniversary

We could not celebrate our 60th anniversary without all our customers, who have chosen Juliana as their greenhouse supplier time and again, and without all the skilled employees who have ensured that we are still one of the world's leading greenhouse manufacturers.

Therefore, we want to celebrate our anniversary with everyone, who has been part of our journey over the past 6 decades. We are proud to have been able to keep our production and product development in Odense, Denmark. Therefore, we can guarantee, that when you buy a Juliana greenhouse today, it is of good Danish quality, thoroughly tested in wind tunnels for the Danish climate and always with a 12-year guarantee - "Made in Denmark"!

As part of our anniversary celebration, we introduce an exclusive and unique anniversary greenhouse - the "Juliana Jubii 60 Limited Edition" with lots of exciting details. But you have to be quick, because the anniversary model will only be produced in limited numbers!

Thank you for your support since 1963!

Who has won?

Every month from February 2023 to June 2023, we draw the lucky winners of the anniversary competition. You will find them all below.


The winner of our City Greenhouse is Chris Grayshon!

The winners of our Juliana Anniversary Boxes are:

  • Alison Pertington
  • Lorraine Gemma Field
  • Fritha Ewing
  • Lars Traxel
  • Alexandra Frau Rikazewski
  • Angela Hömberg
  • Niels Yhlen
  • Lene Jakobsen
  • Peter Hansen
  • Irene Larsen
  • Helle Richter From Hansen

Congratulations to all winners in the June draw!



The winner of our City Greenhouse is Finn Normark!

The winners of our Juliana Anniversary Boxes are:

  • Armin Boeller
  • Hagen M. Burzlaff
  • Barbara Gillessen
  • Margit Larsen
  • Lars Kammer Pedersen
  • Boyd Jancey
  • Lisbet Strit Jørgensen
  • Anders Bjerregaard
  • Maggie Haigh
  • Louise Grayshon
  • Fiona Gilbert

Congratulations to all winners in the May draw!

You haven’t won? Don’t worry – there are more chances to win! In June, we will draw winners again.

Good luck!


The winner of our City Greenhouse is Susanne Larsen!

The winners of our Juliana Anniversary Boxes are:

  • Anders Damgaard
  • Erik Friis
  • Rikke Dresing
  • Flemming Greve Lyngsø
  • John Kristiansen
  • Steph Horsley
  • Sheila Glass
  • Derek Alexander
  • Lars Wagner
  • Andreas Keifer
  • Claudia Braxmeier

Congratulations to all winners in the April draw!



The winner of our City Greenhouse is Hanne Holst!

The winners of our Juliana Anniversary Boxes are:

  • Ilona Koscielniak
  • Simone Meixner
  • Alena Werner
  • Sonja Schwalbe
  • Wayne Fielding
  • John Hansen
  • Irene Høgsberg
  • Peter Lasten
  • Christina Storm
  • Christina Paag
  • Frank Rosendal Kristiansen

Congratulations to all winners in the March draw!


The winner of our City Greenhouse is Anne Dahl Nielsen!

The winners of our Juliana Anniversary Boxes are:

  • Nicholas Bartrum
  • Tim Hewke
  • Sarah Barsch
  • Tamara Burchardi
  • Mette Jacobsen
  • Signe Lund
  • Inge Thomsen
  • Helle Drikkjær Madsen
  • Lisbeth Gustavsen
  • Pernille Gregersen
  • Alexandra Rauch

Congratulations to all winners in the February draw!


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