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Cresting for Juliana Compact, Premium, Gartner and Orangeri

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The cresting kit gives the greenhouse a traditional Victorian look. Cresting has the practical benefit of discouraging birds from roosting on the greenhouse roof.


This cresting comes in many sizes fitting:

  • Compact 7x7ft
  • Compact 7x9ft
  • Compact 7x12ft
  • Gartner 12x14ft
  • Gartner 12x16ft
  • Gartner 12x19ft
  • Jubii 60 Limited Edition
  • Orangeri 14x9ft
  • Orangeri 19x14ft
  • Premium 9x9ft
  • Premium 9x12ft
  • Premium 9x14ft

Item no.: F04819

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