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Eden Birdlip

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The Eden Birdlip is the smallest greenhouse in the Zero Threshold™ range, but it still packs all the features of the larger models. Now you don't have to compromise on performance even if you have a small garden.

Like all Eden greenhouses, the Birdlip features high eaves and large roof vents, ensuring a superior growing environment. Wide gutters make for easy cleaning and debris removal and ensure more rainwater is captured.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain


Width: 4'11" / 1.478 m.

Length: 4'5" / 1.324 m.

Eaves: 5'3" / 1.6 m.

Ridge: 7'0" / 2.134 m.

Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Double sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 1 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 2 pcs.

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