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Eden Bourton

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The 10' wide Eden Bourton is a serious horticulturists dream, the high eaves provide masses of room for plants and the large roof vents ensure the perfect growing environment.

Double Zero Threshold™ sliding doors provide no-trip access and makes using trollies and barrows easy. The high capacity gutters will enable you to collect a vast amount of rainwater.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain


Width: 10'6" / 3.178 m.

Length: 12'6" / 3.796 m.

Eaves: 5'3" / 1.6 m.

Ridge: 9'0" / 2.73 m.

Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Double sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 4 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 2 pcs.

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