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Halls Atrium


Halls Atrium greenhouse is a very smart, elegant pavilion with plenty of space for growing vegetables or for relaxing. Your imagination is the only limit to how this pavilion can be used. The distinctive long-pane toughened glazing makes for a beautiful, elegant greenhouse, where the view from the greenhouse is not interrupted by sectioned panes.

The greenhouse is furnished with double sliding doors and three opening side windows for extra ventilation, so you will feel as if you are actually sitting outside in the garden, but with the added bonus of being sheltered from the weather by your greenhouse and surrounded by your plants.

The Halls Atrium has 3 mm toughened safety glass in the sides of the greenhouse and 6 mm polycarbonate glazing on the roof.

The optional galvanised steel greenhouse base is highly recommended as it speeds up the build process, gives a solid foundation and means you will not need to build a brick or timber base.


The line-drawing shows the external measurements of the greenhouse. Base measurements are here:
Base measurements

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Item no.: SO8802

Width: 12'4" / 3.76 m.

Length: 12'4" / 3.688 m.

Eaves: 1.82 m.

Ridge: 2.87 m.

Possibility of safety glass: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 3 pcs.

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  • Green
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