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Halls Cotswold Shelf Green

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Greenhouse Integral Shelving is a handy 2 slat shelf for storing your seeds and small pots.

Easy-to-assemble integral shelving, made with aluminium slats so air can circulate around them easily and allow free-drainage after watering seeds trays and pots.

Perfect for housing young plants at a height for excellent air-circulation, and towards the top of the greenhouse where seedlings and young plants will benefit most from where the humidity and heat rises.

The aluminium cantilevered shelf design is secured to the greenhouse by bracing attached to the greenhouse frame and also joins onto the glazing bar; which increases the greenhouse rigidity and strength.

Please Note: This product fits Birdlip, Burford, Blockley and Bourton Greenhouses.

  • Width: 18cm

Item no.: E04803

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