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Halls Silverline Lean-to


The Halls Silverline Lean-to greenhouse features stylish curved eaves, a smooth sliding door and large roof vents. Available in long-pane toughened glass, the curve is formed from acrylic. A lean to greenhouse is very versatile, as the sun warms the wall during the day and radiates the warmth into the greenhouse at night, increasing the growing season.

The aluminium greenhouse frame comes in a green powder coated finish.

The optional galvanized steel greenhouse base ensures the greenhouse is level and square and the door runs freely. It also means you will not have to construct a brick or timber base.

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Item no.: 70951

Width: 10'7" / 3.21 m.

Length: 6'5" / 1.95 m.

Eaves: 4'5" / 1.35 m.

Ridge: 7'9" / 2.35 m.

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 2 pcs.

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