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Getting your greenhouse ready for growing in Spring

Some time spent at the start of the growing season will help to ensure success in the greenhouse. First empty the greenhouse and then with a disinfectant solution, scrub the glass, inside and out. Always take note of any safety instructions on the disinfectant. Take time to clean any overlapping glass and in the corners. This is a good opportunity to disinfect any seed trays, pots or tools. Make sure you thoroughly rinse all the surfaces with clean water.

If your greenhouse has gutters and a water butt, it's time to clean them. Again, rinse everything with plenty of clean water.

Now is the time to inspect the greenhouse frame and make sure there are no missing bolts or clips. Cracked glass should be replaced. Make sure the doors and vents open and close easily. If you have removed automatic vent openers from the vents for Winter, re-attach them now. Door maintenance kits are available from our Spare Parts section.

Your clean greenhouse is now the perfect place to start your seedlings.

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