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Stormy weather

Prevent storm damage in your greenhouse

Recently we have had many storms and gales, customers have been asking us for ways to help prevent storm damage to their greenhouses. Here are our top tips;


  • Make sure the greenhouse is constructed properly – this sounds obvious, but many times a greenhouse will suffer wind damage because it was not constructed properly, loose bolts, missing components and failure to anchor the greenhouse down are all common reasons for damage

  • Keep the vents closed – if you leave the vents open, it gives the wind somewhere to enter the greenhouse and cause damage. If you have an automatic vent opener, make sure that you disconnect it and latch the vent closed

  • Keep the doors closed – as above, leaving the doors open gives the opportunity for the wind to get inside the structure and cause damage. Make sure you keep the doors closed in stormy conditions

  • Lack of maintenance – you should regularly check over the greenhouse and replace missing glazing clips and tighten any loose bolts. Missing glazing clips makes it easier for the wind to blow out panes of glass, replacements are cheap and available in our Spare Parts section, along with replacement glass



If you do suffer damage it is important to cover any gaps in the glass with cardboard or wood to ensure that the damage is not made worse by any further wind before you can get a replacement piece of glass

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