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Juliana Compact


The Juliana Compact greenhouse is perfect for small gardens, but the Compact still retains all the features of the larger Juliana greenhouses. Strong aluminium profiles are designed for Scandinavian weather. Wide gutters with the leaf guard system and downpipes allow harvesting of rainwater.

The stable door allows for increased ventilation with the low threshold for easy access.

Choose from silver aluminium / black or anthracite / black frame colours. The Compact is available in full length toughened safety glass.

The optional 12cm steel greenhouse base makes for a solid foundation and speeds up the build process, ensuring you won't need to build a brick or timber base.

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Item no.: V01508

Width: 7'5" / 2.24 m.

Length: 7'5" / 2.24 m.

Eaves: 5'0"* / 1.52 m.*

* Including 12 cm. base

Ridge: 7'5"* / 2.26 m.*

* Including 12 cm. base

Hinged Stable Door: Yes

Gutter with tilt function: Yes

Roof prepared for decorations: Yes

Door handles with lock: Yes

Made in Denmark: Yes

Low doorstep: Yes

Number of windows: 1 pcs.

Number of downspouts: 2 pcs.

Choose color and glazing
    Grey / Black
  • Alu / Black
Choose color and glazing
    Grey / Black
  • Alu / Black
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