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Juliana Greenhouses

Juliana greenhouses are produced in our factory in Denmark and offer Scandinavian design at its best.

A Juliana greenhouse is strong on quality and with features that makes the greenhouse perfect for both growing plants and relaxing.

The entire Juliana range of greenhouses are designed to shrug off Scandinavian weather conditions and snow. You can buy direct from the manufacturer with the assurance of our 12 year guarantee.

Whether you are relaxing by sowing seeds in pots or sitting in a chair with your feet up, a greenhouse creates the perfect setting. Let the greenhouse be your private garden laboratory, where you experiment and find the exact tomato variety that adds the finishing touch to your summer lunch. Or create your own greenhouse oasis where you can relax and set your mind free.

In a Juliana Greenhouse you have the freedom to grow plants and other greenery, as well as making a space for relaxation and mindfulness. Greenhouses have become more and more popular in recent years, because not only can you grow delicious veggies, the greenhouse can act as a haven away from the stress of everyday life. There are plenty of accessories for Juliana Greenhouses, so you can get the exact design you want and make it a trouble free space.


You can get the greenhouse of your dreams when it comes to a Juliana Greenhouse, because Juliana Greenhouses are produced in many shapes and sizes. Greenhouses from Juliana have especially found their way to the hearts of many Scandinavians, because are built specifically to thrive in the Scandinavian climate with wind, snow and cold, which gives the greenhouses a high level of strength and durability.

Juliana greenhouses must be able to withstand the strong winds in Scandinavia, so the design and production focuses on stronger glass and aluminium profiles - to a much greater extent than other greenhouses in the market. You can expect extra stability and durability with a greenhouse from Juliana. A Juliana Greenhouse is a safe choice if you want a greenhouse that will last for many, many years, every greenhouse is covered by our 12 year guarantee.


Juliana Greenhouses are made in different colors and materials. They are available both in aluminum, and in powder coated anthracite grey, which gives the greenhouse a special look and is very different from aluminium in appearance. All Juliana greenhouses are supplied with full length toughened safety glass. A 12 cm greenhouse base is available which speeds up the installation process and helps to keep the greenhouse level and straight.


We produce a large range of Juliana Greenhouses. Including:

Juliana Premium
Juliana Compact
Juliana Oasis
Juliana Grand Oasis
Juliana Gardener
Juliana Orangery
Juliana Lean-to
Juliana Urban


Freestanding greenhouses are the type that most people know as "the traditional greenhouse". Most people associate the greenhouse with the fact that you can grow vegetables and flowers in it - you still can - but today you can also stay in it with the whole family on a summer evening, where it may rain in Denmark. They are made in large sizes, where there is room for both garden furniture and greenery.

Juliana wall greenhouses are mounted on an outer wall, and are a smaller greenhouse, which is used exclusively to grow plants and vegetables in. It is for you who just have room for a smaller greenhouse.

An orangery you can both stay in and plant green in.


There are many advantages to Juliana Greenhouses - not least that they are robust and can withstand the Scandinavian weather conditions. An important detail if you need a greenhouse in Denmark.

In addition, the iconic barn door is a smart detail. It is neat, and then it is functional, as it both allows for ventilation and prevents small animals from destroying your plants and vegetables.

If you want help with assembly, you can purchase installation at the time of purchase, otherwise you can also read and download the assembly instructions on our website.

In a Juliana Greenhouse, there are large roof vents that you can open to create the perfect climate for both people and plants.


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