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Juliana Urban

Perfect for urban gardening

Introducing the Juliana Urban series, perfect for urban gardening. Now you can grow hard to find vegetables and herbs right on your balcony or courtyard.

With the Urban series you will have the option to pursue your gardening interests and exercise your green fingers, even without a big garden.

Juliana Urban is the perfect fit for your balcony, terrace, against the wall or in the city garden.

No matter where you put it, you will be able to pursue the experience of growing your own herbs and spices.

Two removable plant shelves allow you to take your herbs straight to the kitchen or dining table.



The Juliana Vertical is a mini greenhouse that will fit almost anywhere. In Juliana Vertical you will have room for your plants and at the same time still have a small working space for you gardening tools or potting up.



The Juliana Balcony is a mini greenhouse designed for urban gardening. You can attach your Juliana Balcony on the rails of the balcony or mount it on the wall with the supplied brackets.


City Greenhouse

The Juliana City is a mini greenhouse, part of our urban range. Four sturdy wheels allow you to move the City Greenhouse to the sunny spot on your balcony and to take it with you if you move home.

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Item no.: F09806

Width: 11" / 0.27 m.

Length: 24" / 0.6 m.

Eaves: 29" / 0.74 m.

Ridge: 31" / 0.79 m.

Made in Denmark: Yes

Number of windows: 1 pcs.

Choose color and glass type
    City Greenhouse - Black
Choose color and glass type
    Vertical - Black
Choose color and glass type
    Balcony - Black