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Lean to greenhouses

For many, a greenhouse fitted to a wall is a great idea. It often saves space and in many gardens there is an opportunity to install a lean to greenhouse.

Lean-to greenhouses are available both as mini greenhouses that are well suited for growing and nursing your plants, right up to greenhouses that are the same size as many free-standing greenhouses and therefore provide ample opportunity for leisure in the lean-to greenhouse as well as growing many plants. Decorate your greenhouse with furniture, textiles, and different accessories and create a small garden oasis for relaxation.

Why buy a lean to greenhouse?

A lean-to greenhouse is a space saving way to add a greenhouse to your garden. The added benefit of a lean-to is it will extend the growing season. As the sun heats the greenhouse, it will also heat the wall it is fixed to, as the sun goes down that energy is released back into the greenhouse, creating the perfect environment for raising your seedlings or overwintering your prized plants. Having a greenhouse that is attached to the house or garage also means the lean-to is conveniently placed for watering and checking on your plants.

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