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Mini Greenhouses

If you want to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, but do not have the space for a traditional greenhouse, then a mini greenhouse is perfect.

We have a wide selection of mini greenhouses, which range from cold frames and urban greenhouses to small walk in greenhouses. If you have a sunny wall in your garden or courtyard a wall garden greenhouse could be the perfect solution.

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For anyone who wants to find their inner gardener, but doesn't have room for a traditional, free standing greenhouse or orangery, we have the perfect solution. You can buy a mini greenhouse, which can fit on your balcony, courtyard or terrace.


Create your own city garden
With a mini greenhouse you can grow herbs, veggies and tomatoes no matter where you live. A cold frame or a mini greenhouse can fit on a balcony, terrace or small city garden and give you a mini urban growing space.

A space free from the busy city life
Although you may live in the city, with a mini-greenhouse you can retreat and get close to nature. Place a chair next to your greenhouse, and enjoy the scent and sight of nature.

Grow your own tasty food
With your own kitchen garden consisting of fresh vegetables and herbs, you are guaranteed the best starting point for a successful dinner. It just gives that little extra flavour.

Introduce the kids to greenhouse gardening

A mini greenhouse is the ideal way to introduce kids to greenhouse gardening.