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Upright Coldframe

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The Upright Coldframe is an attractive free standing unit that is often placed against a wall or hedge.

The generous height of the upright coldframe, measuring 4' 7", allows a greater flexibility for growing than a standard cold frame would allow.

This coldframe is provided with two shelves that can be positioned at heights suitable for the plants you choose to grow.

Like our greenhouse staging, the shelving in the upright is made from western red cedar and can be easily removed should you choose to grow taller plants.

The Upright Coldframe is essentially a mini greenhouse which would sit comfortably on a patio or terrace. Often used where there is not enough space to accommodate a greenhouse but still the want for fresh summer salads, herbs or vegetables.

The Upright Coldframe has a hinged lid for ventilation in the warmer months of the year. Whilst the cold frames are most productive in the summer they are by no means dormant in the winter gardening months. In the winter the coldframes can be used to over-winter pot plants and in the spring can be used to raise bedding plants, seeds and cuttings.

In the summer gardening in the upright is a breeze - open the hinged lid to provide perfect summer ventilation.

The Upright Coldframe frame is delivered neatly boxed and in sections for easy self assembly. Please note that deliveries of our coldframes is only to ground floor level.


Item no.: CF1004CA

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