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Vanlet Irrigation Kit

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The Vanlet Irrigation System is a gravity fed automatic drip watering system to feed and water your plants in the greenhouse at regular intervals.

The Vanlet system consists of a header tank with an automatic fill system which mixes water and fertilizer using a unique simple mechanical system in the tank.  The water and feed mix is then distributed to your plants via a system of hoses, Y connectors and drip pins.

The Vanlet system can be adjusted to distribute between 10 and 150 litres of water over a 24 hour period. Each drip pin can be individually adjusted so that it delivers exactly the right amount of water to each individual plant.

Supplied with the Vanlet system is 25m of hose. 30 drip pins. 35 Y connectors. Making it perfect for a greenhouse irrigation set up.

Item no.: F04201

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